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Description The author's description of what the Plugin does and who authored the Plugin. Action Allows you to activate, deactivate, or edit the Plugin.

New version available If a newer version of a Plugin is available in the WordPress Plugins Directory a message will display along with a link to the location to download that new version. Theme Changes Most WordPress Plugins no longer require direct modification to a WordPress Theme.

If you are using a WordPress Plugin that does require direct modification, you need to know: Updates to the WordPress Theme may remove the Plugin modification code. Use a Child Theme or make notes to remind yourself to re-add the hugest selection of at no cost wordpress themes and plugins eligible purchase clean nulled wordpress themes liberate downloadable wordpress themes nulled in your Plugin code to the updated Theme. If you change Themes, these changes will not carry over automatically to the new Theme. You will need to copy or add them manually to the new WordPress Theme, even if you use a Child Theme as the Child Theme is not associated with the new Theme.

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Upgrading WordPress may make changes to the code which could conflict with your WordPress Theme modifications. Use a Child Theme or manually check the Plugin's code to ensure it is still active. Must-Use Plugins If you are using the Multisite version of WordPress, Must Use Plugins are special WordPress Plugins installed in a special directory next to the normal /plugins/ dir (/mu-plugins/). They are 'must-use' because once their file is placed in the /mu-plugins/ directory they are instantly activated and cannot be de-activated using the Plugins Screen.

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Must-use Plugins are useful for installing WordPress Plugins on all sites in a Multisite installation to make WordPress Plugins' functionalities available across the entire blog network. They are loaded before normal Plugins by PHP, which means that code and hooked-functions registered in a must-use Plugin can be assumed available to all other Plugins.

Hiding Plugins When Deactivated When activated, some WordPress Plugins add tags to the template files. Upon such a Plugin's deactivation, these tags may remain in place and can affect the look and/or functionality of the Theme, resulting in errors or even failures to load. It is therefore imperative to prevent the Plugin from being detected and used, if it is deactivated.

To determine if such a condition exists, you can add some php code to the template file where the Plugin was used, and perform a simple functionexists() check. To do so, add the code in the example below and configure it for the function you'd like to check. Then upload the modified template to your WordPress Content folder.

The if (functionexists()) checks for the Plugin, and if it exists (activated or not), it will use it. If it retus FALSE or "not found", it will ignore the Plugin tag and continue loading the page. This example Plugin uses a function called alexgetshoutbox() to print out its contents. Developing Plugins Once you start using WordPress Plugins, you sometimes wonder how you ever got along without them. If you have knowledge of PHP, you can develop your own Plugins, and there is a comprehensive list of resources at Plugin Resources to get you started. TotalPoll Pro v3.

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