ITunes Transferring the possession of an app to another companionship

So for everybody who wants to transportation their apps from one occupation chronicle to another (because they sold their app or as we did founded a auxiliary which focuses on app maturation) and wonders if this is potential, hithers the storey. Unluckily without an felicitous end

As the innovation of DonkeyCat was ruined we cherished to conveyance our apps (Schnopsn HD and faqs Schnopsn Calorie-free ) from our get fellowship hs2n to the fresh founded auxiliary DonkeyCat by ever-changing the party arse our App Storage Accounts. For Google Gambling. this was through inside a few proceedings, for Apples App storage, yet, we already suspected that it would not be that wanton.

So we created a quest to alter the developer accounts fellowship information in iTunes associate. Really shortly (Apple developer reenforcement is contempt its report in our have identical reactive) we got an email with questions and we provided them with answers and documents (alike the effectual readjustment) of the new caller. Among those questions were the 3 important:

Has the master fellowship been dissolved, or is the master troupe quieten in line?
Has the new caller bought or acquired the archetype society as a hale byplay?
Is the archetype caller the like effectual entity as the new society and is lone undergoing a caller figure modification?

None of them was the showcase, so we answered no and sent the documents. Future day I got a call from Apple accompaniment stating, that if the new clientele is another sound entity and the old concern hush exists, the modify is by no agency potential. Sole we could render effectual corroboration, that the old party has been dissolved or acquired as a unharmed, so it would be potential.

For our lawsuit, the solvent would be to make a new bill for DonkeyCat then hit the apps from the old invoice and re-submit them for the new story.

The lonesome affair that Apple can approximately undertake is that you can living the app figure, differently that it is the like as submitting a altogether new app so you would suffer:

  • the update itinerary to all existent, already installed versions of your app leave certainly disappoint your exploiter bag quite bit, particularly if you suffer a nonrecreational app
  • all ratings and reviews for around apps, power be not a bad affair though, but our apps standard really goodness reviews
  • all shop rankings and consequently essential discoverability in the App Shop so well-nigh of the selling would sustain to first concluded again

Moreover you volition sustain to consume the apple reappraisal operation again, and eve if this appendage may be faster than initial meekness, the app bequeath be out of sale leastwise for a few years.

So, concisely row: Transferring an App from one patronage history to another or ever-changing the sound entity of an existent occupation chronicle is but not potential.

Dismal, but the root apple offers is nowhere nigh an satisfactory resolution, I would not tied vociferation this a workaround.

This blog introduction offers roughly real full info astir the backgrounds thither is approximately supposition, that apple secondhand the Tax-ID as roughly rather key and hence ever-changing that Tax-ID is technically not potential may be the lawsuit, but why is it so potential to commute from single to job?

Leastwise, ever-changing the camber explanation to the new society is potential without any job, but this is likewise not truly a pick root.

Okay, this is too someway declared not rattling easy ascertainable though in iTunes colligate corroboration so we should sustain known what we were capable But as a developers we bear to say that Apple should put about vehemence on resolution this defect surely, Apple at them instant provides by far the trump trump program leastwise from a commercial-grade viewpoint for underdeveloped and marketing apps. As competitor videlicet Google and Microsoft is hush quite bit arse in shop taxation, they are spotting up and finally of the day the achiever of a program is dictated by the espousal of developers that ply superiority apps so every troupe, level Apple, is swell well-advised to mind and respond to their problems and demands, and we (and fairly trusted many former developers) would ilk to suffer this resolved.

We are naturalistic decent not expecting to deliver this resolved early, and as we are package developers ourselves, we cognize that a apparently uncomplicated job seen from exploiter view mightiness be a brobdingnagian subject when looking it beingness in the place of the citizenry who body-build the arrangement.

So we bequeath bear mean about new strategies for the Schnopsn line and who knows, every trouble likewise opens up new opportunities