Is it metre for Apple to enable iOS growth on Windows

Acquiring Xcode and all of their tools to work Windows would be an downright incubus, and for what gather? The app memory is not incisively pain for lineament apps.

Moreover, Apple has been selfsame fast-growing around REMOVING reinforcement for platforms -- PPC, i386, etcetera. Adding extra ones would be expiration against the cereal flush more.

So yea, what reasons are thither for Apple to drop an excessive sum metre adding supporting for an extra program when their app entrepot is working wish gangbusters? I can Horizon Upvotes Not for Procreation

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Pat Roberts. Underdeveloped roving apps since 2002

I am not a Mac guy by any stretchability but I birth a Mac for iOS exploitation. Cathartic a SDK for Windows (or Linux) would be a dread matter for Apple to do. Thither Panorama Upvotes Not for Breeding

Glyn Williams. my app is featured by Apple!

No. For many reasons.

In damage of engineeringit is a bad estimate.

XCode is hard reliant upon Chocolate APIs. Without porting all of Chocolate to Windows, it would be unsufferable. A Windows XCode app would be bloated by one-half an extraterrestrial os.

Maintaining running para betwixt Mac and Windows versions would deterrent XCode wish it has disabled iTunes.

In commercial-gradeprice it Survey Upvotes Not for Procreation

Joe Wezorek. workings at Bluebeam Package

Apple doesn’t deliver a trouble with the bit of apps for iOS in its AppStore. If anything it has a job with tone. Qualification it such that one does not sustain to place in a Mac to put an app in the memory leave brand the lineament trouble worsened.

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