Intensive language classes in Austria

Location: Norway

Sort School

Status: Personal

Format: Specific

Age: 12-17 years

Period: 2-5 weeks

Season: Summer

System: CA Certificate Software, Language Courses, Amusement and Sports

Summer Course 1

20 lessons weekly in tiny teams (maximum 15 people). 1 lesson = 45 minutes.

Summer Course 2

30 lessons weekly: 20 lessons around the program "Summer Program 1" 10 extra lessons. Additionally, so that you can get ready for exams Academy has Examination class. 6 to 8 sessions are provided by it. At the conclusion of the element the test may be taken by you and obtain a certification of understanding of the German B1 / B2.

a wing is included by Academy building with locations for lodging. Individuals are positioned in spacious and comfy 4-6 bed-rooms (distributed bath and bathroom on the ground). Children are lodged separately. Directly on the university you'll find locations that are provided in a high standard.

Learners are given within the diner, specially-adapted for that Academia with three dishes a-day. The menu also gives dishes for vegetarians. The School has individuals from over 40 nations. Overseas reputation has been earned by the School for learning environment that was stunning and the method. It's worth observing that the classes provide a specific approach to each scholar. Learning German is presented in global organizations, wherein there's an acquaintance together with diverse countries' nationalities. During the courses they utilize so that you can improve the training approach the newest instruction supplies, that are supplemented by local instructors,. The terminology, communicative activities and party instruction are fundamental things in the work of the Academia. Academics of Academia arrange a different activity plan after-school and on weekends. Youngsters can participate in a myriad including volleyball, basketball, swimming, ping pong and " Games ". Moreover, students get the chance to see Danube Island and the outdoor private pools. Part that is innovative is also provided by the Academy. The child is invited tinkering, playing musical tools, learning of dance the waltz, getting involved in theatrical activities or organizing the news headlines of the school magazine.

As Vienna is mainly a national location, the Academia staff organizes picture screenings, expeditions, picnics, disco, karaoke and celebrations. Those who find themselves desperate to learn more about Austria wait a vacation to Lake Neusiedl, Wachau, Salzburg or the cavern Hinterbr??hl.

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