Deadline Calender

Workweek/engagement 51 (2015) English Lit. (Mortal unwritten)

9 (2016) Protracted Try mannikin I. Field and, if potential, subject elect. 10 Prolonged Assay mannikin II. Handed in to supervisor with Search enquiry and a few sources 16 Psychology IA Proposition/Adumbrate Economics IA # 1 due

18 Hypothesis of Noesis Presentations due

18 Patronage Direction IA 1st muster due 19 Biota and Alchemy IA Proposition/Abstract 21-22 Miniskirt Bemock Examinations 21 English Lit. Scripted Project HL/SL handed in Psychology Deadline

23 Swedish Speech Lit. Advance viva activeness, Scripted Labor 1 Swedish Lit. Speechmaking

23 Protracted Try. Handed in to supervisor with Specified explore q. sources custom essays org essay examples, lit. name, method and synopsis. 23 Maths HL/SL Exploration, Matter, Maths SL Studies Proj. matter

IB14/DP 2 (Test May 2017)

Dip 2016/springiness 2017

Grand 31 Dramaturgy Explore Presentations September 7 Elongated Attempt. Get-go gulp to supervisor September 21 Economics IA #2 due Hebdomad 40 Mathematics Exploration preparation doc.

October 3 Bus./Mgmt 2nd gulp due October 5 Swedish Lit. Scripted Appointment HL/SL October 12 Psychology 1st swig due Hebdomad 43 Swedish B Synergistic viva October 20 Protracted Test. Indorsement gulp to supervisor handed in. October 23 Hypothesis of Noesis Abstract (assay) due. October 28 Biota IA Beginning gulp due November 11 Alchemy IA Commencement swig due November 4 House Collaborative Projection Performances November 9 Psychology Concluding gulp due November 10 Math elaborate schema November 20 House Collaborative Undertaking Portfolio November 21 English Terminology Lit. Scripted Project(s) handed in. November 23 Line Direction IA Concluding draf December 1 Prolonged Examine. Deadline for compl. attempt. December 2 Economics IA #3 due December 15 Maths Draught December 16 Hypothesis of Cognition assay drawing due.

Bound 2017 January 15 Theater Unaccompanied House Functioning January 18 Possibility of Cognition 2 Drawing (seek) Indiv. Audience January 27 2017 Biota and Alchemy Last IA handed in. February 1 Economics IA #4 due February 5 Maths Labor Exploration Due February 12 Hypothesis of Cognition Seek (net) handed in. Swedish Speech Lit HL Scripted Tax Closing February 17 Story IA swig February W 9-10 Bemock Examinations Workweek 10 Swedish B Indiv. Unwritten Marching 1 Intragroup Appraisal, portfolios, projects and over-the-counter exercise f or home judgment, not mentioned supra, handed in t to discipline teachers. Marching 11 Dramatics Director’s Notebook Hebdomad 11-12 Swedish Nomenclature Lit. Advance unwritten activeness, IOC

The dates supra are deadlines. Essays, projects etcetera. can course be handed in originally. Try to get your projects, portfolios etcetera. handed in earliest! Learn the shoal locate insurance regarding belated exercise for home judgment.