Cyberspace ASP Clientele Contrive

Incorporated Construction

jSpan Pot was formed as a C Tummy headquartered in the Posit of California. The two founders are presently the directors of the accompany and the bulk shareholders. In gain to shares held by the foundation partners a turn of shares let been reserve to conciliate an employee bonus project. Shares birth been authoritative, but are not yet issued, to suit hereafter investors.

6.1 Pro Services

Extra pro services leave be obtained, as necessity, from:

David MillerEmerging Technologies DivisionSan Francisco Vale Trust

Albert SharpePartner-In-Charge, Manufacture ServicesArthur Coopers L.L.P.

Michael RodgersPartnerWatson, Sonoma, Goodson Rodgers

6.2 Panel of Advisors

Joseph Addison, Co-Founder and CFO of, has broad get in the constitution of new ventures. As a mate at Arthur Coopers L.L.P. Mr. Addison founded and served as the Conductor of the Entrepreneurial Services Aggroup in the San Francisco Bay Are. He is a Co-Founder and Express Cooperator of Addison and Bates Ventures, a Sonoma based guess cap stock and serves as the Manager of Entrepreneurship at the University of San Francisco. Mr. Addison realized degrees at Penn Commonwealth University and the Wharton Schooltime of Patronage.

James Metalworker, V.p. of Occupation Ontogenesis for Hegira Networks, linked Hejira in October 1995. From July 1988 to October 1995, Mr. Metalworker held diverse positions at Following Figurer, including Radical Director Merchandise Merchandising, Adjacent Online Services buy research paper Sectionalisation, and Occupation Ontogenesis Director of Future Online Services Section. Mr. Metalworker has an MBA from the University of California-Berkeley.

Michael M. Rodgers, Pardner at Watson, Sonoma, Goodson Rodgers, coupled the loyal in 1974. Mr. Rodgers serves as an consultant and gameboard mem for a all-inclusive multifariousness of hi-tech companies in the estimator, semiconductor, amusement, package, and biotechnology industries. Mr. Rodgers is the managing collaborator of MyMoney investments and specializes in corporal law as it relates to embark uppercase and the initiation of high-technology companies. Mr. Rodgers realized his undergrad grade at University of California-Los Angeles and his law arcdegree at the University of California-Berkeley.

Cock J. Wilson, Conductor of Patronage Evolution at Advance Meshwork Communications, has both proficient and line receive in the deployment of rising wideband technologies. Anterior to ANC, Mr. Wilson served as a Intersection Director with Hewlett-Packard Pot. Mr. Wilson likewise has feel at Oecumenical Galvanizing and American Ability Changeover Inc. He realized his undergrad stage at Cornell University and an MBA from the University of California-Berkeley.

6.3 Direction Squad

In summation to the direction squad shown hither, jSpan is actively quest experient direction and extra expert specialists that are disposed to conjoin the jSpan squad erst backing is secured.

Lavatory G. Millar, Co-Founder and CEO, has late direction receive as the Conductor of Clientele Exploitation for Sophisticated Digital Data Pot (ADIC), a Redmond, WA based information direction party. He too founded, and serves as a managing pardner, the consulting immobile of J.G. Millar Associates. In increase to ADIC, Mr. Millar has worked with Rexon Corp, Thomas-Conrad Inc. and American Ability Rebirth Potbelly. He began his calling as an mastermind for Northrop Potbelly where he led a package exploitation externalise as office of the Sophisticated Tactical Combatant platform. Mr. Millar realized an MBA from the Haas Civilise of Byplay at University of California-Berkeley and has both alumnus and undergrad degrees in technology.

Kim Niquette, Co-Founder and CFO, has fiscal direction and diligence psychoanalysis know with both Circumvent Cox Inc. and Barbary Slide Majuscule Direction and all-inclusive outside see in entrepreneurship. She too co-founded the consulting fast of J.G. Millar Associates. Nearly lately, Ms. Niquette co-ordinated clientele growth and recognition programs for emergent economies in E Africa. Ms. Niquette has an undergrad grade in Concern and an MBA from the Haas Shoal of Job at University of California-Berkeley.

Norman Walters, COO, has ended 25 eld have in operations and sales direction in the highschool engineering manufacture, near late as the V.p. of Sales for IBM's Net partition. Anterior to his know at IBM, Mr. Walters served as the Chairwoman of Fairchild Semiconductor, a V.p. at StorageNow Inc. and as a advisor to legion engineering ventures. Mr. Walters realized a arcdegree in Technology at California Province College and dog-tired around 10 days as a practicing direct.

Carlos Garcia, Engineering Specializer, has package ontogenesis and direction feel with Sun Microsystems where he worked on JavaOS, HotJava Browsers, and Personal Coffee. Mr. Garcia besides served as the Gaffer Engineering Policeman of Inc. a Bay Country start-up accompany and has extra get with Amdahl Potbelly and as a systems coder for University of California-Santa Cruz. He accomplished both undergrad and grad degrees in computing at University of California-Santa Cruz.

6.4 Long-run Program

The nature of this clientele guess requires significant initial investing and consumption to body-build the overhaul substructure then bod the node groundwork. Tables and charts therein program were drawn-out to pentad days to shew the jutting break-even and gainfulness docket.